Products we offer

Are you looking for homegrown or homemade products? Our products here on the farm are all natural, no fillers, no preservatives. Only wholesome farm food for your family.

Chickens and eggs are always sold from the farm by appointment (or delivery to Andover and Augusta as noted here).

From May into October find our jellies, teas and seasonings at Bramble’s Edge Farm, 18176 SW Meadowlark Rd., Rose Hill, KS.

Support our local markets when you can. They are our small hometown business owners.


Chicken Eggs


Our farm fresh eggs are full of flavor and come from free range chickens raised on our farm with no hormones and no vaccines.

They roam more than 2 acres chasing bugs, eating grass and weeds and bathing in the dirt when they want. They’re only closed in at night to protect them from predators.

We’re told over and over again, their flavor is so much better than those from the grocery store.

Licensed to sell in markets, restaurants & to caterers.

Duck Eggs


Duck eggs are larger than chicken eggs and their shells are much harder with creamy yolks and fluffy whites.

And the proteins in duck eggs and chicken eggs are different from each other. That means if you have an allergy to chicken eggs, you will likely be able to eat duck eggs & visa versa.

Our ducks have the run of the place just like the chickens. And just like the chickens we’ve raised them since they were babies.

Duck eggs

All Purpose Seasoning Blend

$5.00 per packet.

Also from Enchanted Herbals.

Seasons 2 pounds of ground meat with every packet. Make meatloaf or hamburgers quick and easy.

Sprinkle it on chicken or mix with oil and season your chicken or veggies for baking or grilling the fast way.

This seasoning is phenomenal no matter how you use it. Grill with it, bake with it or roast with it.

Healthy and all natural herbs and spices for your family, no fillers or no preservatives ever.

Taco Seasoning

$4.00 per packet.

A great blend for taco meat, be it chicken tacos, beef or pork or for building nachos.

Again, completely natural and healthy, with no fillers or preservatives, which means there’s no thickeners eithers.

Add some tomato paste or tomato powder to thicken it up as much as you like for a quick supper.

And if you want more spice add more pepper flakes, little at a time, to heat it up to your liking.

You’re going to look forward to taco night all over again.

Spatchcocked chicken.

Chicken for roasting or grilling

  • $6.50 per lb for whole frozen (most birds are in the light 4 pound range)

These chickens are ready for your crockpot, instant pot, oven or BBQ grill.

You want to feed your family only the best. These birds are all natural, no hormones and no vaccines, with an abundance of bugs, grass and sunshine added in for good measure.

We have whole birds frozen and ready now for your family.

If you’re looking for chicken that hasn’t traveled the world, or even the country, we have what you’re looking for.

We raise them through to processing, all in one place.

You just can’t imagine how great chicken can taste.

Rusty Chain Farm Coffee Mug

Isn’t that the coolest mug?

It’s a great addition to your morning breakfast set up.

$15.00 each.

Coffee mug