Cleaning the Coop

While cleaning the coop isn’t a lot of fun, it’s a really necessary and important job.

Besides the fact that chicken poop can be really smelly, it can become very unhealthy for your chickens in a variety of ways.

Cleaning the coop can help keep your eggs clean because our lovely girls tend to want to lay waaayyy back in the corner of the coop under the roosts where they sleep at night….and poop….a lot!!

Something you may not think of when it comes to chicken poo is the fact that it’s moist. This moisture adds humidity to the coop. Too much humidity will cause bacteria to grow and support the growth of mold spores. Both of which can be bad for your chickens lungs and general health.

And last but not least, as you’ll see from the video the chickens love it when you clean the coop. They like to scratch through what you drop, they love sitting on your wheel barrel, watching you work and in come cases supervising loudly.

You never know you just may drop something good.

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